How to use patatmo

Creating a NetatmoClient

All patatmo does is querying the Netatmo API. This is done via a NetatmoClient:

import patatmo

# your patatmo connect developer credentials
credentials = {
    "client_id":    "03012823b3fd2e420fbf980b",

# create an api client
client = patatmo.api.client.NetatmoClient()

# tell the client's authentication your credentials
client.authentication.credentials = credentials

# optionally give the authentication a temporary file.
# The tokens are then stored there for later reuse,
# e.g. next time you invoke this script.
# This saves time because no new tokens have to be requested.
# New tokens are then only requested if the old ones expire.
client.authentication.tmpfile = "temp_auth.json"

Have a look at the Examples to learn what to do with a NetatmoClient.