Arch/Manjaro Repository


Append this to /etc/pacman.conf to use this repository:
SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server =$arch
You can also download and double-click this file which will do that for you. (If your browser doesn''t suggest a download dialog but opens the source code for the file, hit CTRL+S or instruct your browser to save the page instead. You might also need to mark the file as executable and adjust your filemanager''s setting to allow launching Desktop-files)


This repository supports the following architectures:
aarch64 x86_64 

Installing Software from this Repository

# Install software from this repository
pacman -Syu asciinema-nobodyinperson bemoji-git hledger-aarch64-bin libffi6 libreoffice-disable-locking nobodyinperson-all nobodyinperson-base nobodyinperson-desktop nobodyinperson-lenovo-ideapad-5-pro-16-tweaks nobodyinperson-mobile nobodyinperson-ssh passrofi-git python-hledger-utils-git python-installer python-matplotlib-pickled-figure-opener python-polt-git python-thunar-plugins-git python-xdgspec-git redshift-git redshift-gtk-git rtw89-dkms-git sshtunnel-git thunar-custom-actions thunarx-python thunderbird-markdown-here-revival ttf-twemoji